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You chose Website Design

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  • website development

  • Custom Design up to 10 pages

  • Delivery speed (15 days)

  • Whatsapp integration

  • Instagram integration

  • Responsive Website

  • Initial Optimized SEO

  • Content Manager

  • personalization

  • 2 hours of maintenance at the end of the first month

Plan Specifications

delivery speed

We deliver your website within 15 days of hiring.

Responsive Website

Full compatibility with all platforms. Design that adapts to any device, regardless of resolution and size, as well as tablets and cell phones.

Integration with whatsapp

Customers can talk to you faster  and ease, we integrate your website with your WhatsApp. 


Test here and talk to us

Integration with Instagram

The photos you publish on your instagram will be listed on your website, thus making the page always up to date at no additional cost.

Content Manager

We work with easily accessible systems so that the client can manage the site, reducing  its long-term cost.

SEO Optimized  initial 

SEO/Site Optimization is a set of techniques and methods that aim to improve the positioning of a particular site in its segment in search engines. other search engines

  • We register your site in Google Search Console and send you the sitemap;

  • We research the market and your competitors to use the best keywords and phrases.

  • We make your website reliable and user-friendly for any platform which optimizes SEO quality in the eyes of search engines.

  • We integrate your website with google analytics so you are always aware of your page's SEO effectiveness.

  • We create an ad with google to analyze the most searched keywords in your segment and generate an initial interest to your site. (optional)


Once the development of your site is complete, you will have the opportunity to submit a list of modifications so that we can make the work according to your vision and aesthetics. 

Ready to invest in your brand's future?

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