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Website and landing page development

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Transparency, efficiency, quality and speed

To ensure high quality products and services, at costs compatible with the reality of our customers, we create modern, responsive and fully adaptable websites, with an exclusive design and focus on the visual identity and quality differentials of each project.  

Once finalized, approved and delivered, the site will allow you to carry out the changes and updates of texts and images that you deem necessary, thus reducing maintenance costs and the time dedicated to each intervention.

Quality presence on the web

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Responsive Sites

Adaptable and modern

Full compatibility with all platforms. Design that adapts to any device, regardless of resolution and size, as well as tablets and cell phones.

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See our work

Our latest customers

Click on the photos to visit the latest websites created by JC Designs.


Be Next.

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All websites include an IntroCard Plus + IntroLinks card

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The Digital and Interactive Business Card is a new communication alternative that puts your information within the reach of customers in an easy, efficient and ecologically sustainable way.

Just one click, for you to advertise your business through the most popular network in Brazil, WhatsApp.

It is the fastest and most productive way to present yourself to the market.

Website Design

Ready to invest in your brand's future?

  • website development

  • Custom Design

  • Delivery speed (15 days)

  • Whatsapp integration

  • Instagram integration

  • Responsive Website

  • Initial Optimized SEO

  • Content Manager

  • personalization

  • 2 hours of maintenance at the end of the first month

Doubts?  Contact us  (31) 97135-3884


SEO Plus Plan

Monitoring and optimization plan  of SEO


Monthly Planning

  • access management

  • continuous optimization

  • Google Ranking Qualification

  • Daily Behavior Analysis

  • Key words index


Complete Reports

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Ad Sense

  • motion fluctuations

  • Income considerations


Service and maintenance

  • 8 hrs monthly SEO

  • 2 hrs monthly website maintenance


Photos for your website, menu, flyers, ads  or social networks?

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